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Beyond Business Cards: Logos (and Branding) with a Purpose

Beyond Business Cards: Logos (and Branding) with a Purpose

When we think of logos, we think first of the business card.

In fact, usually when someone calls me about a logo design business cards are usually mentioned in the first sentence. And that makes sense. Logos are the cornerstone of branding. From that mark comes the inspiration and direction for every other material that a company prints or posts on the web.

But logos should not be pigeon-holed for company branding alone. Events, products, campaigns and anniversaries also are worthy of branding with logos of their very own.



You might have the best event in the world. You might have the best product out there. You may even have the absolute best message to spread. But if your materials promoting that event, message or product don’t look well thought out or cohesive, your viewer may have reservations about it, or worse, they may not think that you don’t have confidence in it.

By taking the time and the trouble to brand it — logo, font choices, color choices all working in harmony with your existing company branding — it says that this something that you believe in and care about, and worthy of paying attention to. If you’re willing to invest in it, then it might be something that your audience would want to invest in it as well.

Recognizability and Memorability

In a sea of media, getting lost is easy — too easy. By not investing in even a minor level of branding, getting the notice of your audience is going to be extremely difficult. Creating a strong visual, and repeating that visual as many times as possible and in strategic locations is an effective way to help people quickly recognize and remember your message.

What now?

Once your company logo is designed and your business cards are delivered, don’t toss out your logo designer’s contact information. When you create a promotion or campaign, host an event, celebrate an anniversary or create a new product, call up your logo designer and create a “daughter brand” for that specific thing. Not only will you increase the odds of success for that particular event/promotion/product/celebration, but you will also strengthen your main brand.

If you are interesting in find out more about how WrightBrain Design can help you with any logo or branding project, please to not hesitate to reach out and contact us!

March – Brain Awareness Month

March – Brain Awareness Month

March is Brain Awareness Month, so it’s time to talk about the brain.  It’s the brain that is actually the source of all health. You know that you depend on your brain for every single one of your body functions……your heartbeat, every breath you take……  Your brain is what causes you to react when you touch something hot.

The typical diet of the western world (high in animal fat, high-glycemic carbs, lack of exercise, excessive stress) is pounding away at our brains just the way it’s pounding away at our hearts.  So, hopefully, you see how important it is to pay attention to brain health.

Three areas essential for brain health and longevity are brain exercise, stress reduction and brain food.  If you want your brain to perform at optimal levels, then you need to maintain it under 3 important conditions.  You need to:

  • Use it
  • Keep enough blood flowing to provide the oxygen it needs to flourish
  • Feed it enough of the right nutrients

You can find more information on my website at that will give you some specific examples of ways to improve brain health.  I hope you’ll incorporate some new health habits into your routine.  You really need to protect this most important organ from harm and make sure you stay in the best possible shape to enjoy the longer life that’s within your reach!

Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease

Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease

February is Heart Awareness Month.  I’ve done a couple of videos on Heart Disease in the US and the role played by genetics (see them at So, now you’re probably wondering just what you can do to treat and/or reduce your risk for Heart Disease.

If you have heart disease, you may be prescribed medication; however, you will also be encouraged to implement the same lifestyle changes that would be recommended to you for the purpose of reducing your risk.  They are: Don’t smoke!  Lose weight!  Eat a healthy diet and bring some focus to reducing the saturated fat in your diet.

Make sure you are implementing physical activity.  It would be great to start a formal exercise program; but if you’re not quite ready for that, then just work on getting your body in motion more…….don’t sit for long periods of time, park farther away from the store, take the stairs…..etc.

If you want help and/or support putting a plan together that will reduce your risk of heart disease – the #1 killer of men and women in the US today – reach out to me.  I can help you, your friends and family or your employees start to create a healthier life and reduce their risk of disease

January = New Year’s Resolutions = Weight Loss

January = New Year’s Resolutions = Weight Loss

January really seems to be the month when everyone is talking about exercise! Lots of us really let our weight get away from us over the holidays and typically put “weight loss” at the top of the list of our New Year’s resolutions! If that sounds like you, remember these things:

Joining the gym will not likely help you lose weight. You have to burn 3500 calories to lose just one pound! That’s why your local gym is FULL in January and then EMPTY in March! People work their butts off and just don’t see the progress they’re looking for. Face it, we live in a society where everyone is looking for “instant gratification”; and if they don’t see some quick and steady progress, they lose their motivation and become discouraged.

Real weight loss comes from diet! You can’t outrun your fork!! You need to create a calorie deficit and yet make sure you’re getting the right balance of macronutrients (fat, protein and carbohydrates). In addition to that, you also need to make sure you’re getting all your vitamins and minerals. You can do that on your own, but it’s not easy.

I can help you with a plan that is simple to follow, has the perfect nutritional balance, stabilizes your blood sugar and results in increased energy and weight loss…..and the big bonus is that you’ll learn how to make the lifestyle change.

So It’s Your Turn to Give a Presentation…

So It’s Your Turn to Give a Presentation…

… So don’t panic.

Presentations are good. Even necessary. And while many people think that its a real drag when it’s their turn to present their business at a networking meeting, it’s actually a really important opportunity. Why?

1. It’s something you should be doing anyway. Now before you say, “But…” hear me out. Regardless if you own your own business or if you are employed by someone else, at some point or another you have to explain to someone (even if its your own boss) who you are and what you have to offer. The setting of a networking group is the perfect opportunity to do this. After all, it’s not just the opportunity to promote yourself, it’s also a forgiving environment in which you can practice.

2. Even if “everyone’s already heard me before” it’s still a good opportunity to either remind or update everyone. Face it, with the barrage if informational input, on most days we’re lucky if we can remember our own names. It takes multiple exposures to something to make a lasting impression, so reminders are a good thing. Besides, it’s also the perfect opportunity to update everyone on what is new in your business.

3. “I’m a terrible public speaker.” It’s true. Most people fear public speaking more than they fear death. Honestly, the only way to conquer that fear … is to do public speaking. For all the years that I have been doing networking, I can honestly say that networking groups are the most forgiving and probably the best place to practice. Generally, the people who do networking don’t keep score on who the best speaker is, and are incredibly sympathetic because their turn is coming up too.

So what do you do if you think your presentation is getting a little stale?

There are a couple of ways to “freshen up” your presentation, but the most common thing is to simply focus on one particular area of your business.

Usually, the first presentation is almost always a general “this is who I am, how I got started and what I do.” That’s actually a pretty solid initial presentation. But in 10 or 20 minutes you’re not really going to be able to get in to the real nuts and bolts that might lead to some solid referrals. But if you follow the same general structure as a 30-second commercial (except for about 20 minutes) you can craft multiple presentations on just one business and still keep it interesting.

Opening (2 minutes) – Introduction of yourself

Overview (5 minutes) – General overview of your business.

Detail (10 minutes) – This would be on one aspect of your business. What it is, who it serves and how you do it. Remember, you’re not trying to teach people how to do your job, so try not to get too technical, but feel free to try and teach people something interesting they might not already know because they are not in your industry.

Wrap up and Questions (3 minutes) – Always leave at least a minute or two for questions and/or discussion.

So when someone asks you if you’d be willing to present, don’t avoid eye contact. Just sign up and give it your best shot. You’ll be a better person for it!

Red Cloud Kung Fu at the Philadelphia Independence Open

Red Cloud Kung Fu at the Philadelphia Independence Open

On Saturday December 2nd Red Cloud Kung Fu competed at the Philadelphia Independence Open with  Coreena Trumbauer, Kavana McCulley and Devon Green at Clarion Hotel & Conference Center. We ended coming back home with two 1st place trophies, two 2nd place Trophies, one 3rd place trophy and one 4th place trophy.

Kavana ended getting hit in the face and got a bloody know but like a true warrior she got cleaned up and kept fighting and took home 2nd place in sparring.

We here at Red Cloud Kung Fu are very proud of them all.


3 Ways to Make Networking Work

3 Ways to Make Networking Work

Over the years I’ve been promoting my business through networking, I’ve heard the good, the bad and the ugly about networking. For many of us who have networked as a way to promote our business, we know it works. After all, why would we keep doing it if it didn’t? But for every one person who has had success, there are at least five who gave it up. So for those who are considering networking, here are three basic things you can do to make it work for you:

  1. Don’t expect to do business at the networking event. It doesn’t really matter if you’ve got the best elevator speech on the planet. No one wants to be “sold” at a networking meeting. So why are you there? To meet people and determine if its someone you want to develop a business relationship with. What should you do?  Collect information (business cards) and determine if you’d like to meet at least one or two of those people later on on a one-to-one basis.
  2. Follow up. Remember those business cards you collected? Well, within one to two business days you should be either sending emails or making phone calls to invite that person to meet.
  3. Give it time. The biggest mistake that most people who give up on networking make is to expect overnight miracles. If they don’t land a big deal after the first or second meeting then clearly networking doesn’t work. This is not true. It takes time to build your reputation and time to find those connections and time for those connections to find the right opportunity. At least give a networking group six months to a year before you give up on it. And then, try a different group/event/organization.

Naturally, networking isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, it’s the industry, the schedule or even your own personality that just may not be the right fit for networking. But before you give up, at least give these three tips a try. You never know what you will discover!